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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for contacting InterLoveMeeting.Com support service.

1. Have you got any questions?

Since there is a great amount of spam arriving by e-mail, support service answers only inquiries arriving from registered users by inner messaging system. To contact support service you have to either log in or register and send a private message to the user SUPPORT. Contacting support service is free.

Before contacting support service, do not hesitate to look through the information placed at the page "Information and Help".

2. Forgot your password?

Should you experience difficulties when logging in your account, please, use the Remind Password service at Log In.

Please, enter your e-mail (the one you indicated when registering in the system) in the corresponding field. The fields "Your username or E-mail" and "Password" should remain blank. Then click on the button "Submit".

In case you haven’t got the requested information, please, check your anti-spam filters and make sure that the e-mail notification@InterLoveMeeting.Com is not in the list of the blocked correspondents and/or is included in the list of authorized correspondents.

With best regards,
Support service


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